The Fast Track Program


Earn Your Way Into Your Correct Grade


The Fast Track Program is designed for students so that they can complete two years of coursework in one calendar year.  If your child is in 6th grade and should be in 8th; 7th grade and should be in 9th; 8th grade and should be in 9th or 10th; then, the Fast Track Program has an academic plan designed specifically for grade level correction.The Fast Track Program students have modified schedules and these students must attend the lab for at least 5 hours.  Students are pre and post tested for each course and have guidelines and timeline expectations for completion.The Fast Track Program offers an individualized tailored and self-paced online program for those students who are in need of an alternative option for middle school success.


Flexible Schedule

 If your child is behind their original graduation class or has been retained and would like the opportunity to 'earn their way' back to their CORRECT GRADE LEVEL, then Fast Track is the answer.The Fast Track Program Model is for those students who wish to earn their way into their right grade, accelerate with independent learning, AP classes, or Florida Virtual School.  The Fast Track Program has certified instructors and lab facilitators who assist each student with their self-paced coursework.  This lab has tutors and small group instruction for students to learn the concepts and complete the online coursework.  The tutors are especially important for reading and math courses. 


Specialized Curriculum

 We use comprehensive curriculum based on the common core standards by offering not only direct in-class instruction but also Hybrid Curriculum Model lab instruction and practice online web portals for student success.  We have in house tutors in Math and Reading.