Enroll at Innovations Middle Charter School


Pursuant to  § 1002.31, Fla. Stat., Innovations Middle Charter School will comply with open enrollment of any student in the state, please be advised that our school ENROLLMENT CAPACITY is 300. 

If maximum capacity is reached, a waiting list will be used and each applicant will be issued a number upon submit of complete application.

If a waiting list is started, your number will be posted in the Front office and is transparent to all involved.

Seats vary based on specific alternative program requested.

How can I enroll my child?

You must withdraw your child from their current school, and then come to the school to fill out the application package. If you need help with transportation to our school in order to enroll a child, please call Ms. G, our Parent Engagement Coordinator and she will assist 407-440-2846.

Enrollment Packet 2017-18

Download, Print, Scan or Bring in. 

IMS Enrollment Packet TOTAL 2017-18 (pdf)